Meet The Pastors

James Izzard, Jr.

Lead Pastor

Bishop James R. Izzard, Jr., is a native of Washington, D.C., and was raised in the
Washingtonian suburb of Prince Georges County, MD. He and his lovely wife, Tiffaney, are blessed with four wonderful children and 28 years of marriage. He has been in ministry since 1995 and served his local church in various ministerial capacities before answering the call of God to an Apostolic ministry of church planting. In 2005, Bishop Izzard and Pastor Tiffaney planted their first church, Life Builders Christian Center (LBCC), in Upper Marlboro, MD. LBCC experienced tremendous growth under Bishop Izzard’s pastoral leadership and birthed numerous ministers. His pastoral focus has been to build a ministry culture that emphasizes community outreach, ministry to broken people, and
Biblical literacy.
In June 2022, Bishop Izzard felt the call of God to further his apostolic call of church planting and established Liberation Church, in Bowie, MD. Through Liberation Church, Bishop Izzard and his wife are advancing the liberating message of the Gospel to all people and raising up spiritual leaders to serve in an ever-evolving world. In addition to planting churches, he serves as a pastoral and leadership coach and an oversight pastor for churches in Maryland and Washington, DC.

Tiffaney Izzard


Pastor Tiffaney D. Izzard is an ordained minister in the Church of God, and partners with her husband, Bishop James Izzard, Jr., as Co-Pastor of the Liberation Church in Bowie, MD. She accepted Jesus over 28 years ago and has served in active ministry for over 24 years. She is passionate about sharing her faith and considers her family to be her first ministry. Pastor Tiffaney is a graduate of the University of Maryland, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice and the Chamberlain University where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. As a medical and fitness professional, she not only offers help and healing to those seeking physical wholeness, but she also exhibits the light of Christ to foster an environment of overall healing and wellness.

One of her deepest ministry passions is performing international missions work and ministry to women. Pastor Tiffaney employs an illustrative preaching style and has the God- given ability to connect with people of all walks of life. She believes the impact of God’s Word is multi-dimensional and offers healing for our emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. As part of her ministry, Pastor Tiffaney serves as a life coach and spiritual mentor for many women and has a strong passion to see the plan of God fully realized in the lives of those to whom she

Bernard Jones, Jr.

Executive Pastor

Reverend Bernard W. Jones, Jr., affectionally known as “Pastor B” is a native Washingtonian raised in Washington D.C. and later in life in District Heights, MD a suburb of Prince George’s County, MD. Pastor B accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior over 20 years ago and has served in several ministerial capacities for nearly the last decade including Associate Minister and Youth & Discipleship Pastor, before becoming the Executive Pastor at Liberation Church in 2022.
Pastor B is credentialed minister in the Church of God where he has completed extensive ministerial and pastoral education and training including Calling and Ministry Studies, and most recently the Church of God Ministerial Internship Program in 2020. Pastor B attended Lee University where he majored in Criminal Justice, Juvenile Justice & Criminology.
Pastor B often says being a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is one of his life’s greatest calls and duties, but above all else he says his greatest honor is being the dad of McKenzie Regan and Bernard III and being married to love of his life Ayanna.

Kam Carter

Student Pastor & Online Campus Pastor

From an early age, Pastor Kam Carter was noticed as a natural leader and inspiration to all ages. It was only a matter of time before God would manifest those gifts in ways that would turn peoples’ eyes to Jesus. In 2020, Pastor Kam recognized God’s call for her to pursue a public preaching ministry. This began as she was releasing daily messages of hope and truth on TikTok. In addition to TikTok, God stirred in her heart to host online Bible studies.

In 2021, God called Pastor Kam and her family to attend Life Source International Church in Baltimore, MD. For the past two years, she served with the youth worship team, kids ministry, youth ministry, drama team and the communications team.

Pastor Kam is a 2023 high school graduate of Liberty University Online Academy and a graduate of the Apostolic Center Training School at Life Source International Church. Pastor Kam currently serves as Student Pastor and Online Campus Pastor at Liberation Church in Clinton, MD.